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- Funarte  (2014):

Commission to write a chamber work for up to 5 instrumentalists for the XXI Biennial of Contemporary Music.


- Funarte (2008):

Scholarship holder of the Scholarship Program to Stimulate Research and Artistic Creation of the National Arts Foundation (FUNARTE)

Work "Collapses, Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra"


- Vitae Foundation (2003):

Scholarship recipient of the Vitae Arts Scholarship Program (16th edition)

Work "Adeus Concerto for piano, orchestra and seven percussionists"


- 6th RioArte Scholarship Program, (2001)

Work "Hoquetus, Echoes and Mirrors for Guitar, Harp, Celesta and almost two Chamber Orchestras"






-  Prize:  Concert Magazine Award  of São Paulo, given by the most prominent musical journalists of Brazil, for DVD "Boulez+" (with works for violin solo and violin and electronics by Boulez, Flo Menezes, Marcus Siqueira, Sergio Kafejian, Alexandre Lunsqui, Tiago Gati, Martin Herraiz and entirely by Flo Menezes at the Studio PANaroma) in the Category CD/DVD/Book, as the better Brazilian publication in 2016. (2017)

- Unpublished CD circulation award from Proac – São Paulo Department of Culture (2010)


- Funarte Composition Award (2010)

Work "Signo Sopro" for String Orchestra and Soloists


- FENATA - Special Jury Award: Best Show Soundtrack (2010)

Show "Ruas de Barros", directed by Frederico Foroni


- 42nd Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema (2009)

Candango Award  Best Soundtrack for the movie "A Noite Como  Witness" by filmmaker Bruno Torres


- Award for Best Soundtrack of the 6th National Theater Festival of Americana (2002)

Theatrical play Chão de Barros, with dramaturgy and direction by Frederico Foroni


- Best Soundtrack Award at the Presidente Prudente National Theater Festival (2001)

Theatrical play A Bicicleta do Condenado by Fernando Arrabal, directed by Frederico Foroni


- Second place in the First Contest of the XIV Biennial of Brazilian Contemporary Music in Rio de Janeiro, in the category III Trios and Quartets (2001):

Work Dodici Contrapunti, for Flute Trio in C


- Winner of the First National Symphony Culture & Society Composition Competition

Brazilian Contemporary Music (2000)

Work Nine Cromos for Orchestra - Fundação Padre Anchieta and Brazilian Society of Contemporary Music


- Third place in the 1st National Arrangement Competition for Symphonic Band in Tatuí, in (2000)

Festa no Sertão (Brazilian Cycle) by Heitor Villa-Lobos


- Winner of the VI Nascente Project in the Classical Music category (Composition), promoted by Abril Cultural and the University of São Paulo (1996)

Six Moments for Solo Flute

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