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Gilson Antunes (Violão / Acoustic Guitar)

(Água-Forte) 2009

In Brazil, all major composers of the 20th century have used the guitar. In the 21th century this tradition remains with prominent composers like Marcus Siqueira. He gave this challenging collection of solo works to Gilson Antunes, one of our foremost guitar players.

“Gilson Antunes seems an excellent champion for this composer’s music. His technical brilliance allows him the luxury of not having any concerns with this side of things and allowing him to focus on the musicality and interpretation of this most interesting music”.

(Classical Guitar Magazine)

Percorso Ensemble (Ricardo Bologna) - Obra: Signo Sopro II - 2009

Sinfonia Cultura (Lutero Rodrigues) - Obra: Nove Cromos - 2001

(selo Paulus)

Gilson Antunes (violão / Acoustic Guitar) - Obras: Impromptu Lyrique / Quasi Una Passacaglia - 2000

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